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Why are your prices so low when compared to other slot part providers?

We take strong measures to ensure that our price is indeed a great price! Much research is involved into making sure that we are not overcharging and that our price is as competitive as possible. Our management team has many years of experience purchasing slot machine parts and negotiating pricing with our suppliers.

We buy in bulk, but do not require you to! We buy in bulk from our providers and resell them to you at discounted prices. This keeps everyone happy!


We don’t make you order in large moqs just to get a good price. That being said, the more you buy the more you can save in some cases. Consider that extra icing on an already iced cake.  


We have a great relationship with our suppliers! We love our part suppliers. We have forged some lifelong relationships with some of the elite part suppliers in the gaming industry. We have excellent communication and trust in them. They do in us as well. This great communication allows for easy negotiations and allows us to buy at great prices.  


We listen to you and actually care! We listen when you tell us that you are paying too much from other suppliers. We understand that you have budgets that you have to be in line with and that your performance is sometimes evaluated by how well you manage your expenses. We do not want to take food off your family table! We want to be your family too.


We want a long term relationship. We do not want the one-time big profit sale! We believe in having a long term relationship with our customers rather than doing a one-time big profit sale where you make a lot, grab the money and run away.  Our viewpoint is that if you find our quality and prices good enough the first time around then you will come back for more when you need us. Bottom line is that we are looking for repeat business over a number of years.

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